North Carolina Professional Liability Insurance for Engineers

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We provide professional liability insurance to engineers in North Carolina. We work with multiple 'A' rated insurance companies which offer professional liability coverage to all types of engineers in North Carolina, from the low-risk specialties, such as electrical, up to the riskiest specialties, such as structural and geotechnical. Even if you had claims in the past five years and are having trouble finding coverage, we can help.

Why do North Carolina engineers need professional liability insurance?

Engineers in North Carolina deal with complex issues which involve a high level of technical ability and knowledge. Because of the nature of their work, North Carolina engineers have multiple opportunities to make an error or omission while working on a project. In the event of a lawsuit, North Carolina engineers will have to defend their work and could be liable for large sums of money if found to have been negligent. North Carolina engineers working on large projects can also be included in a lawsuit, along with all other professionals involved in the project, even if no error or omission was made. In any case, legal fees tend to be significant.

It is therefore vital for North Carolina engineers to have professional liability insurance protection.

What protection does a professional liability insurance policy provide North Carolina engineers?

Professional liability insurance provides North Carolina engineers with protection against damages and legal fees. Professional liability insurance policies provide coverage for claims made against North Carolina engineers by reason of a negligent act, error or omission in the performance of professional services.

How can you help North Carolina engineers secure professional liability insurance?

We’re brokers and have access to multiple insurance companies that offer professional liability coverage to engineers in North Carolina. The first step in obtaining professional liability coverage is to complete an application. Once we receive your application, we will first review it for completeness and clarity and then we will send it to various insurance companies to request quotes. Once your professional liability quotes come in, we will present them to you, along with a specimen copy of the insurance policy, so that you can make an informed decision.